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So here goes a bio – oo an unintentional rhyme. It's a great privilege to continue to work with supremely talented multi-hyphenate and award winning Rachel Bloom, notably on CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, BROADWAY CRAZY, her in novel musical HOW CAN I EXPLAIN? and performing together on Netflix for Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's comedy special. We collaborated with Jack Dolgen on many songs. Jack and I also collaborated on an episode of THE SIMPSONS writing songs for Kristen Bell among others! Nothing but amazing collaborators!


Scoring films is my biggest passion and I've been honored to score Nick Demos' INVISIBLE and upcoming BODY ELECTRIC, Jane Lanier’s TOUCH, Sal Bardo's REQUITED and COME CLEAN, Matthew Johnson's LESSONS WITH MARTHA ,The Try Guys director/producer Eugene Lee Yang's amazing short MA CITÉ, MON HISTOIRE, and Brian Bolster's WINTER'S WATCH and DEPARTING GESTURE. I complete the scores for Marco Ragozzino's CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' among many of his works and Bobby Lacer's THE DANNY WALKER WALKER. Getting back into the director's/writer's chair myself and collaborating with lyricist/writer/producer Donald Ralph Lampton, DÜMSCROLT is in post production.


The digital media landscape has changed so rapidly but I'm very excited to be involved in the world of Podcasts through MOTHER OF ALL SHOWS for Emmy winner Kimmy Gatewood, AGENTS: DECLASSIFIED with Matt Mancuso, and Bryan Anthos' OUR HALLOWED FRUIT.

Still finding a place for concert & stage, I've completed my first two symphonies WESTERLY and WANDERLUST, a symphonic poem with SATB choir - RAVEN & THUNDERBIRD, and a great many pieces for chamber ensembles, trios, duets, and solos for various instrumentation. A few have been performed in the US and abroad. Two full length musicals – OUTSIDE THE LINES and SPECTRA – are currently in development.


Another fantastic collaboration is work with The Apple Sisters, serving as composer on their digital shorts and arranging, orchestrating, musical directing (MD) their live performances and three studio albums. Speaking of albums, I've written and produced a library of songs – for Cyrenne and Amanda McAllister on their debuts - and my own album EXIT under the silly artist name J Rod [insert jokes here].

I think that was a bio... no rhyme this time... oo except that one...


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